Public / Governmental Affairs and Market Access:
It's All about Relationships

A real understanding the impact of legislation, the workings of government agencies and political
developments will improve your company’s success and the speed of your market access projects.
Being influential in these types of government relations requires a professional who has well-
established, lasting relationships with crucial members of governments, government agencies
and other Key Opinion Leaders. He or she is someone who has earned the trust and confidence
of relevant organizations and people. Someone who understands that productive relationships 
are a two-way street and instead takes special care to bring extra value to all of his or her relationships.
Because of this relationship based approach, this professional will be able to acquire more and
better information on relevant developments. In addition, this professional will be able to
communicate your messages in a more targeted and effective way. This approach is what sets
Scalable Life Sciences apart from many other government relations consultancies.

Examples of Services

Scalable can design your public affairs strategy, develop your issue plan or
introduce you to relevant politicians, civil servants and other influential people
or groups. Scalable has been successfully involved in a number of market access
and reimbursement projects. Other services include stakes analyses, writing of
position papers, grass roots projects as well as representing your interests within
industry trade groups or other relevant organizations.


Corporate Communications, Investor Relations and Public Affairs for Life Sciences