Marketing Communications:
Integrated with All Aspects of Your Corporate Communications

Smart marketing communications and business development plans have to be fully integrated
with your organization's communications strategy. These plans should also take into account the
goals and objectives for your investor relations en government relations plans. Young life
sciences companies in particular should link overall and individual project-based marketing
strategies with all of the aforementioned areas.
Scalable Life Sciences can offer marketing communications services either in combination with
the other services from our specialized areas (especially, but not limited to corporate
communications), or it can deliver individual, project-based marketing communications services
to fulfill a specific objective for your organization.


Examples of Services

Scalable Life Sciences can develop your marketing communications plan and related
means of communication. Scalable can also help you select the most relevant business
and industry events to promote recognition of your organization and its products within
the life sciences community. Where appropriate we can advise on the level of
participation for your organization in these events and organize your involvement.

Corporate Communications, Investor Relations and Public Affairs for Life Sciences