Investor Relations:
The Lifeblood of Companies

Investor relations are the lifeblood for most life sciences companies. Attracting capital often
determines whether a young company can stay in business. There is no underestimating the
critical role that a smart investor relations strategy plays in driving your business.
Successful investor relations strategies rely heavily on strategic positioning of the company as a
whole, while presenting and promoting the science and the product pipeline as two of its
Are you looking for an experienced investor relations company with a contact base of
heavyweights from the investment and analysts communities in the Netherlands, Europe and the
U.S.? In that case Scalable Life Sciences can help you.


Examples of Services

Scalable can tell you what types of information investors are interested in and
introduce you to investors. We can also develop your investor relations strategy,
create plans for individual financing rounds or projects. Furthermore, our
company can select the best events to meet investors and organize road shows.
Other services included creating investor parts of websites, writing annual reports
and executing media relation plans.

Corporate Communications, Investor Relations and Public Affairs for Life Sciences