Corporate Communications:
Your Message Translated to Markets and Audiences

Excellence in corporate communications is not just about sending a message out to the world.
It's about active listening and analyzing too. An effective communications professional takes in
information about the marketplaces, industry trends, political discussions, public perceptions and
filters out the most relevant information impacting your organization. Combining this information
with the organization's unique identity, an effective strategy can be designed that places your
organization exactly where it wants to be in all these areas.
The work does not end here, however. The optimal communications strategy has to be both
reliable and flexible in order to accommodate the potential need to adapt to future changes in
the organization and its market.
Finally, the strategy needs to account for all of your organization's goals and objectives, including
investor relations, business development, marketing, and public affairs.


Examples of Services

In addition you developing your corporate communications strategy or project plan,
Scalable Life Sciences can plan and perform your stakeholder analysis, develop your
corporate branding and visual identity, create websites and online communities and
take care of you media relations.

Corporate Communications, Investor Relations and Public Affairs for Life Sciences