A Valuable Network

Scalable Life Sciences has worked for decades with companies, Dutch and European governments,
government agencies, political parties across a range of political affiliations, investors, patient
groups, and trade groups. The company has an extensive network in the policy communities in
The Hague, Brussels, and within international organizations such as the United Nations.
Our relationships are productive and valuable. We take the time to cultivate them and make them
work for your organization.


The Expertise to Interpret and Act Effectively

Scalable also has the expertise to interpret political, societal and commercial
developments, and analyze its potential impact on your organization. The company
can - for example - engage directly with legislators to help them understand the
implications of their plans for the growth and development of your organization and
the industry at large.
Developing, delivering and executing your external communication strategies is our
specialty. Scalable Life Sciences’ CEO Rob Janssen is widely recognized for his track
record of success in corporate communications, public / governmental affairs, investor
relations, and marketing communications.
We can help you build strong, long-term strategies that also enable rapid responses to
short-term issues.


Corporate Communications, Investor Relations and Public Affairs for Life Sciences